A nice glass of wine with a delicious meal and great music sounds good, doesn’t it ?

Here you will find the calendar of events organised by Cave des Bernunes. If you are interested, contact us by email at or by telephone on 027 456 51 41 to reserve your place (reservation required). We can also provide you with further information about a specific event.

Open House Weekends*

7-8 August 2021

Concert by Pierrock on the evening of 7 August

Les Estivales des Vins du Valais

20-21-22 August 2021

Concert by Gérald Métroz on the evening of 21 August

Open House Weekends*

18-19 September 2021

Concert by Julien Pouget on the evening of 18 September

Open House Weekends*

9-10 October 2021

Concert by The Durden's on the evening of 9 October

To be continued...

To be continued...

*What are the «Open House Weekends» ?

During these weekends, the cellar is open on Saturday and Sunday for wine tasting. It is also possible to visit the Bernunes farm and to walk through the vineyard where tasting stands are set up. A horse-drawn carriage will drive through the Bernunes. A glass of wine will be served on board. And when the sanitary conditions allow it, musical entertainment will be programmed on Saturday evenings during these weekends.